Project Portfolio Management

Duration: One-day (6 hours)

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) focuses on the effective management of multiple IT projects. This course describes how to manage the portfolio of all IT-based projects. It shows how a portfolio of projects can be aligned with the strategic goals of the organization, maximized for return on investment and balanced for risks across an organization.

The course is designed to enable participants to:

  • Determine what organizational processes need to be in place before implementation of PPM
  • Discover the importance of a Project Management Office (PMO) by supplying common initiatives and a project methodology
  • Understand all aspects involved in PPM: strategic planning, project management and financial management
  • Discuss the benefits and challenges facing the implementation of PPM
  • Establish why there is a necessity for PPM in today’s workplace
  • Analyze tools used for PPM

Participants completing this workshop will gain or enhance their skills in:

  • Prioritizing projects to better use resources
  • Getting projects completed on time and within budget
  • Being less stressed and more productive

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