Multi-Project Management


DURATION:  1 DAY (6 hours)

Multi-Project Management (MPM) focuses on the effective management of projects across departments, divisions, and enterprises.. This course describes how to manage a portfolio of small task oriented or large interdependent projects. It shows how many basic skills relate can be implemented so multiple projects can be aligned with the strategic goals of the organization, maximized for return on investment and balanced for risks across an organization.



The course is designed to enable participants to:

  • Determine what top down organizational processes need to be in place to help them manage large and small project portfolios.
  • Define the role of a Project Management Office (PMO) by supplying common initiatives and a project methodology that aligns with Corporate strategy.
  • Understand how leadership impacts all aspects of managing multiple projects.
  • Discuss the benefits and challenges facing the implementation of portfolio strategies and how it affects multiple projects.
  • Explore the concepts of politics and how every project manager MUST play
  • Analyze tools used for MPM


Participants completing this workshop will gain or enhance their skills in:

  • Effectively handling multiple projects
  • Getting projects completed on time and within budget

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