Contract and Procurement Management


DURATION:  TWO DAYS (6 hours per day)

The Contract and Procurement Management course provides project managers a general understanding of the procurement and contracting process. Course content addresses commercial, government and subcontracting requirements and emphasizes regulatory differences and systems applications.



The course is designed to enable participants to:

  • Understand and interpret the contracting process in terms of a system
  • Understand the project manager’s role in the procurement process
  • Understand the role of purchasing and various purchasing functions
  • Evaluate and select sub-contractors
  • Enhance understanding of proposal strategy based on knowledge of procurement regulations
  • Solicit bids or proposals from potential suppliers
  • Understand why it is essential to prepare a balanced proposal
  • Become familiar with proposal terminology and elements
  • Develop a negotiating strategy and execute it using successful negotiation techniques
  • Learn how and when to select a subcontractor
  • Understand bid package preparation and the evaluation process
  • Formulate a make or buy decision with trade-offs
  • Provide insight into developing proposal bid strategy
  • Understand differences between a sealed bid and a negotiated solicitation
  • Learn conditions under which sole-source bidding is feasible
  • Understand differences between termination for convenience and termination for default, and learn about remedies available to each breached party
  • Learn about types of warranties and what they mean to project performance



A minimum of 12 and a maximum of 25 participants is recommended for this course. Each attendee receives a participant guide, which includes visuals and other materials used in the course. Participants share actual cases, proposal requests and contract documents with the class for review and discussion. Exercises and case studies are also used to demonstrate how concepts presented apply to actual project situations.



Managers and project managers responsible for procurement and contracting who need to develop the skills necessary to manage the procurement process


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