Fall Classes for PDUs

Corporate-Copia is announcing

Fall Classes for PDUs

Three Saturdays starting October, 2010


October 9 – Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a powerful tool that demonstrates through interactive activities why we and others act the way we do.  This basic understanding helps us interact more effectively with others.  Knowing ourselves and how we interact with other types empowers us to respond positively in any given situation as a team leader, team member or project manager

November 13 – Motivating Your Team – Change is inevitable!   The problems and challenges that occur because of change are addressed in this workshop.  Learn how to plan for change.  Become a proactive change agent.

 This workshop provides a template on how to plan for change.  The participants, working in teams, complete case study based assignments.  A template is provided for practical use in the workplace.

December 11 – Negotiation Skills enhances project managers negotiating proficiency.  This workshop strategies for preparing for negotiations, as well as, emphasizing  processes and methods of conflict resolution.  Participants are given the opportunity to employ negotiation skills using a class scenario.

Where:  Keller Graduate School of Business, Gwinnett, Koger Center.

Cost:  Each class is $199 all three $499.  7 PDUs for each day – 21 total

Contact us: 

Jan Smid, 678-417-9993 or 404-660-5393, info@pmtrain.com

 ©2010 Corporate-Copia, LLC 


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