Negotiations Skills


Leadership and Management Competency: Accountability


Negotiation Skills enhances a manager’s negotiating proficiency. The workshop emphasizes processes and methods of conflict resolution, including preparation for negotiations. Participants are given the opportunity to utilize developed skills in classroom situations.



The course is designed to enable participants to:

  • Learn a planning framework to achieve stated objectives and apply it to a specific negotiation scenario
  • Evaluate and apply various communication and persuasion techniques to improve negotiating effectiveness
  • Identify personal conflict styles using Dealing with Conflict instrument
  • List when it is appropriate to use each conflict mode
  • Complete negotiation template on a given scenario to practice negotiation techniques


Participants completing this workshop will gain or enhance their skills in:

  • Having confidence when negotiating by practicing in role plays
  • Being prepared before going into a negotiation
  • Using a negotiation template for all significant negotiations
  • Negotiating for needed resources

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