Diversity in the Workforce


Leadership and Management Competency: Accountability

Duration: One day

Diversity in the Workplace defines and examines the changing demographics of the workforce. What is diversity? Many think it is just cultural. It spans ages, religions, cultures and genders. Poorly managed racial, ethnic, gender or other diversity conflicts negatively impact productivity. This workshop focuses on creating an understanding environment that supports all people.



The course is designed to enable participants to:

  • Discuss the changing demographics of the workforce
  • Share impact of first impressions, self-fulfilling prophecies and good intentions in the workplace
  • Examine how differing behaviors impact the dynamics on group efficacy, creativity, quality, and productivity
  • Explore behaviors, languages and group norms that promote inclusion and exclusion; discuss relevant examples in the workplace
  • List positive outcome resulting from diversity training
  • Discuss skills needed for managing diversity: cultural communication and conflict management
  • Create a Personal Action Plan consisting of short-term and long-term steps to continue personal and professional work in the area of diversity


Participants completing this workshop will gain or enhance their skills in:

  • Understanding the benefits of a diverse workforce
  • Accepting and exploring the benefits of a diverse workforce
  • Managing diversity situations in personal and work related situations
  • Creating a highly productive, diverse work environment

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