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Corporate-Copia, LLC. is very unique in that we offer highly interactive classes in ALL aspects of project management and professional leadership skills. We know that it takes both the abilities to lead people and to implement the “best practices” of project management to succeed in today’s competitive environment.            

Corporate-Copia is, by nature, a constant source of new ideas. Our “cornucopia” of expertise and talent provides consulting, curriculum development, and delivery in project management and related areas. Corporate-Copia’s products and services are specifically designed to “Bridge the Theoretical to the Practical”. This equips our clients with the skills to effectively manage consistently changing interpersonal, organizational, and cultural climates.            

Our team is a diversified group of highly experienced business leaders and training professionals who are dedicated to improving the quality and success of our training projects.           

We provide our training programs using the following delivery methods:            

Traditional Classroom
Interactive CD-ROM
Video Tape/CD
Web-based asynchronous instruction


Jan Smid, President of Corporate Copia, LLC chosen as a PMI Global Congress 2010 Speaker

Corporate-Copia, LLC is a PMI Registered Education Provider (REP# 1291)

Corporate-Copia provides accredited courses offered through Atlanta-based colleges as a Georgia Center for Continuing Education)   


 Wanted – Leadership Skills Today !

How often has a high-performance worker been rewarded with a supervisory or managerial promotion without any training?  Too often!  

In our current economy, one of the first cuts is training dollars.  Organizations do not understand the long-range effect of this practice.  Dollars are lost due to down-time, putting out fires, rework and low morale.  These definitely affect productivity, which in turn, affects the bottom-line.  This is just what management is trying to avoid!  These results are qualitative, which are difficult to estimate to a dollar amount.  

However, there are quantitative statistics gathered by training companies and organizations. 

  • Training affects employee retention. “According to the American Society for Training & Development, 41% of employees at companies with inadequate training programs plan to leave within a year versus 12% of employees at companies who provide excellent training and professional development programs.” (1)
  • Replacing a disgruntled skilled employee results in more costs
    • The cost can range from US $75,000 to $450,000. (2)
    • The average cost to recruit a professional candidate is $18,374. (3)

Adult learners need to understand the relevance and importance of concepts before they can transfer the knowledge into behavior. One of the most important skills for a Manager is the ability to work well with others.  “People Skills” are critical to every teams success.  

The Corporate-Copia, LLC philosophy is to provide our customers with tools they can implement in the workplace.  Our leadership programs are geared toward current managers, supervisors, and high potential future managers and leaders who want to learn or refine their leadership skills. 

Through interactive exercises and discussions our workshops demonstrate the relevance of each discussed concept and how it can be implemented into the workplace. There are opportunities to practice key problem-solving and decision-making skills during individual and team exercises. 

(1)  American Society for Training & Development, 2003 

(2)  eLearning Magazine, Jan, 2001 

(3)  Training and Development, May, 2001 


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